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You just recently dropped a track with Crooked I (Kxng Crooked) called Legend Talk, why is black excellence so important to you and what influence has Crooked I had on your career? 

To me Black Excellence is so important because, my people are so much under the microscope that we can't do anything without a judgement attached to it and our quote-unquote blackness. There's a way you can not be black enough you could be to Black, or downright niggerish. Black men used to be looked at as a staple of society, of what it meant to be strong and an innovator of style and flair. I want to bring our image back out the gutter and to the top where it belongs 

How did you grow up? Are you gang affiliated? 

I grew up in a middle-class family just barely above poor and nowhere near well off. I didn't play sports as a kid because they cost too much, I didn't have designer shoes and clothes but I had what I needed. I grew up mostly in a single-family home. I spent a lot of time with Granny, who made sure that I had manners and respect instilled in me from a young age, or I payed with the skin on my back side. But like most young black men in my area, you couldn't keep me out the streets. I was addicted to it. Id wake up at the crack of dawn and start knocking on doors ,p****** parents off,and mine's too at that. I tried the gang banging thing it's just not for me, I beat people up over colors, I've been shot at, stabbed and cut, but money don't know no color but money. And I think I like the money gang much better. 

In your song Actors featuring Mozzy you talk about some pretty deep issues what inspired that track? 

Watching people move funny, watching people catch cases and seeing the downfall of so many, all due to people that were close. Then when you sit back and think about it. The grimmest things that happened to you in life, a friend did it, or caused you to do. 

Why is it so important for you to represent your city? 

I don't gotta be the one to put the city on, but I'mma always put on for the city. It's just me, San Diego is everything to me. 

What can people expect when they see a Teddy Benson performance? 

Every last bit of energy that I got to give. 

Your opening up for Nas, Yo Gotti, and Rick Ross at High Times this weekend? 

Ever since entering into the weed industry full go, we have been taking off and doing things that we was hoping and dreaming for a year or two ago. it's a beautiful thing to be on the same stage as these artists 

Tell us a little bit about Ackrite Nation? 

Ackrite is the home that feels like a home, it's became my home, because I guess home is where the heart is. And this music thing is my heart. this is the team that I got to build with, grow up and make it to the top with. ain't nothing but love over here. 

In what ways do you connect the culture? 

We bring people of all shapes sizes and ages to the same place to enjoy the thing we all have in common. The energy in our events is a whole new experience. People with physical disabilities getting relief and enjoyment at our events is a very humbling sight 

Tell us more about your work with THCSD? How does it feel to be involved with the legal cannabis industry? 

Marijuana is the next billion dollar industry, and to be able to do this legally and be in on the groundwork to making changes in history is an epic experience. Not to mention I'm surrounded by 10s of thousands of dollars if weed product most of my day. That's a potheads dream 

What do you wish you were told when you first started rapping that you think would help artists starting out? 

I got all the right information believe it or not, from the very beginning. If anything I wish I would have learned to be more dedicated from an earlier age. But that's something that you work in by yourself, that's not something can tell you. You know that's the kind of thing that comes with bumping your head and failing a couple times over. 

You just dropped the Live Life record over the weekend, do you have any other projects coming out? 

The easy way to say this is "THE FLOOD GATES ARE OPEN" but Tasteful Temptations is dropping just for the ladies. Shortly after will be a single called "Smoking California" summer time should be real interesting 

Where can we find your music? 

Funny enough you can find my music anywhere but Pandora. So if you got the fix to that then let me know 

What is your IG? 

@Iamteddybenson @ackrte 

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