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International Showcase featuring Teddy Benson


DJ Bille Knight and Radio Raymond T bring you the International Artist Showcase Don’t miss out on a great concert with dope artist this February 10, 2018 @clubiggys in Rosarito. FREE to attend!!!!

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Too Short & Teddy Benson LIVE Feb 9th

Too Short performing live at The Bake Sale with Ackrite recording artist Teddy Benson and Emaqulit from Fly Music Records, this is going to be in the Inland Empire Friday Feb 9th and the event is FREE!!!


Lights On

Teddy Benson grew up in a all women household, full of plus size queens. Teddy’s vision of beautiful women was always confused, from what the media told him through magazines and music videos, to what he would see in my own home. Teddy watched as he saw friends pluck their eyelashes, starve their belies,and cover their faces with dollar after dollar of the newest Revlon or Mac makeup. Teddy learned that there are so many types of beautiful. that true beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. that every…

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Never Go Out

When they try to keep you down, but you just keep on winning... 'Never Go Out' written & composed by Teddy Benson featuring Looselyric & Von Dreaam Directed by Nick Rodriguez Published by Ackrite Music Group Engineering done by Looselyric

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Gaslamp out now

Hailing from San Diego, Teddy Benson began his musical journey during high school when he participated in a cypher and was hooked. Since then, he’s focused on his music and has translated his experiences into music from the soul. From his forthcoming 1904 project, Benson professes his love for San Diego on Gaslamp with a laid back jazzy flavoured beat. To complement the single is a Nick Bossin directed video that features shots of the city along with Benson and friends kicking it. Even if you’re not from…

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