Ackrite Music Group [AMG] represents the blueprint that will enhance a somewhat drab music industry. Founded in 2009, Ackrite is a forward-thinking, West Coast record label centered on connecting culture and providing a platform for the creative leaders of tomorrow.

Its founder, Stewart Joseph (aka Ivory), has been working to ensure that the label’s artists remain independent, and are able to develop and solidify their brand. The label prides itself on precedenting the music industry with quality records. It seeks to reintroduce authenticity and creativity in Hip Hop.

Ackrite has done collaborations with some note-worthy producers: Superstar O, Mr. Kooman, U Dub, Jayizm, Dope Boyz Beats, and Ackrite has also had the honor of working with Crooked I from Slaughterhouse, Mistah FAB, Mozzy, & Young Gully just to name a few of its successes.

Ackrite aims to share the voices and stories of its artists, and serve as a platform for artists to work without creative limitations, to produce music that cannot be replicated. The label is paving the path for a resurrection in Hip Hop by respecting the roots and creating great vibes with pioneer elements at its core. Be sure to keep up with Ackrite's journey to the top, as it takes the music industry by storm!

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